HOSTEL B47 is situated at one of Reykjavik 101 most sought after area. Located downtown Reykjavik at Baronsstigur, it is close to Cafes, Pubs and Clubs. It is at a 5 minuIMG_2645qtes walking distance from the main shopping street.

HOSTEL B47 is a pioneer in Iceland with a pin code access system, no wait at check in and you get into your room right away. You can access the hostel at any time of the day or night. A pin code to access the main door.

How it works.
Check our cool rooms and rates here. After doing the online booking, you can relax and prepare your trip to Iceland. A couple of days before your arrival we will send an email or an text message with the pin code that will be used both for the main door and the room door.
It is as easy as it gets: no fuss, no waiting to check in, and no lock out. Modern, reliable, comfortable, and centric, B47 has it all for making your stay in Reykjavik unforgettable!

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